Facials & Treatments





Consultation Facial       1 hr        $60

The consultation is an essential part of the

personalized skin evaluation and listening to

the clients needs plays a vital part in your

happiness and success of our treatments. 

Learning "what bothers you", your expectations

about your treatments, questions you may have

and desired results will be discussed. 

 As part of the consultation, a mini facial

is included.





Custom Facial      60 Min       $75

The custom facial will consist of various treatment

options, depending on your desired results and

what will be the most beneficial. 

High frequency and/or galvanic  treatments can

be added for an additional cost.


Facial Rejuvenation    45 min    starting at $90

The Facial Rejuvenation Facial will consist of

various treatment options with each session. 

We will re-assess the skin after your initial 

consultation and follow a plan that will leave

your skin feeling brighter, lighter, tighter.  

A must for those whose concerns are fine lines,

 hyperpigmentation, acne and acne scars. 

Includes post treatment kit.




 * The Facial Rejuvenation is a specialized treatment and proper procedures will be discussed during your consultation




Microdermabrasion**   $75

Much like brushing one's teeth, microderm helps

to gently remove the skin "plaque" and skin debris. 

A non-surgical exfoliating treatment ideal for those

who have fine lines, wrinkles, skin discolorations

and acne scars.




Deep Exfoliation Treatment**   $80

Safe and highly effective physical exfoliating

treatment requiring the use of a sterile scalpel to

gently smooth the skin's surface, removing

the top-most layer of the skin along with the fine hair. 

Allows for deeper product penetration and 

makes for an even, smooth canvas

when applying make-up.


Collagen Induction Therapy**   $150

Also know as microneedling.  

Collagen Induction Therapy is a minimally

invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that helps

minimize the signs of aging, improve the

appearanceof acne scars and

rejuvenate aging skin.

Can be combined with a microdermabrasion

treatment for better results.



 ** Package deals available on Enhanced Treatments at a discounted rate when paid in full


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