Waxing Services







NEW CLIENT BRAZILIAN $90 (includes home care, add vajacial

                                                               treatment for just $30)

Brazilian           60                  Bikini          35                                            

Extended Bikini      50                  

Chin                    12                                   Nose            12 

Lip                      12                                   Cheeks        12

Belly Strip         10                                Side Burns    20

Jaw                     12                                   Neck            12

Full Face   (eyebrows included)                               65             

Underarm           23                      1/2 Back        15

1/2 Arm               50                               1/2 Leg           60

Full Arm              75                              Full Leg         115

Hands & fingers includes in arm waxing services                    

Toes   12   ( included in leg waxing services)

Back Strip          20                             Buttocks           30

Inner Thigh        15                            Back of Thigh   15




Eyebrows       25                                Ears                 15                              

Buttocks          35                               Nose                 15

Underarm       30                             1/2 Back            30+

Full Arm          80                              Full Back         90

Shoulders        25+                            Stomach          35+

Chest                35+                            Toes                  15                               


  • Bikini:  Removal of the hair visible around the bikini line
  • Deep Bikini:  Removal of some of the hair from the front; back strip not included
  • Deep Bikini w/strip:  Removal of some of the hair from the front; back strip included
  • Brazilian:  Complete removal of all hair front and back



If this is your first time waxing, please be sure to wait at least 3-4 weeks since your last form of hair removal (i.e. shaving, Nair, sugaring, etc).  This insures there is enough hair growth for the wax to adhere to.

Please refrain from drinking caffeine at least an hour prior to your appointment.  Caffeine dilates the blood vessels and can cause unnecessary sensitivities to the waxing.

You can take Advil or ibuprofen at least 20-30 minutes prior to your appointment.  This will help lessen sensitivities and post inflammatory response.